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10 02 2010
View from the Sill ©Tales from the Trellis 2010

Pour from the Sill © Tales From the Trellis, 2010

This area is for any and all questions you have on wine. Anything from what pairs best with dinner tonight, to recommendations for a bottle to bring to a dinner party or help with planning wine choices for your wedding (or any) celebrations (congrats again Ames). This is the place for all that. This section represents the main concept and reason for being for this blog – Tales From the Trellis.

I have fielded questions (in person, phone calls and email) from many of you in the past, so I thought having a place here online would be a great way to centralize and spread the Q&As all around the community. I am also hoping you will all jump in here and comment on these questions and answers as well.

You can also email me directly at if it is a more specific request or if you need more detailed info. Since Tales From the Trellis is a wine blog that originates from the New York/New Jersey area, I can also help source the best deals on wine when you are shopping. Send me a note if I can help.

Thanks for your participation and I look forward to helping however I can, as always.

Note: Some people have googled tales of the trellis or Talesofthetrellis or go to the site, but none of those will get you here! I have purchased the domain for, but need to port all of this over there! I will let you know when that happens. Thanks!

Steve from the Trellis

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