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Why? Why in the world would you start a blog when you have no time to do anything? Who will actually come to check it out? Who would leave comments? Who would trust me?

Friends and family! Well, that’s a great start. Many of you already trust me, have tasted my recommendations, have gone in with me on a case or two of what I thought would be the next big thing – and at times was. People have called me a wine geek, but  I don’t want  to get too technical on this blog. I really want to speak to those that are relatively new to all of this.

I am passionate about wine, since sneaking sips of my dads white burgundy from his glass (when he wasn’t looking) in our home growing up. I was lucky to have a father that was in the business as a private buyer for the wealthy (and not as wealthy). He wrote the first book dedicated to the valuation of wine back in 1978 before Parker and the rest of the now famous critics launched their newsletters and magazines.

Why listen to me or trust what I say? Well, I hope because I do drink and taste a lot. No, I am not an alcoholic, I drink for the taste, not the after effects. The excitement, the flavors, the promise of what will come, and sometimes what will not. I also read everything I can about wine. I subscribe to many magazines, books, blogs and podcasts. Oh, and I have made 2 batches right here in New Jersey (and will have a post about that soon). It is what I think about all the time, and those of you that know me, understand why this outlet is perfect place for me to start going public with all of this.

My mission: find the best wine I can that taste expensive but is affordable. Sure, I was spoiled because I had no idea that when I was younger that what I was tasting was higher end and would be out of my reach as a young adult (and middle-aged one too!). But, yes, it is possible to find great wine at great prices. New world wine countries like Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa all bring the value. Whether it is trying the latest 2 Buck Chuck competition (Three Wishes Wine) or finding great value in higher priced bottles – seek and you shall find. Or trust me and I will help you!

Some people go to the movies, theatre or concerts for entertainment… I open a bottle and it’s a song, it’s a show, and a story in every bottle. Some are long, some short, some are sweet, and some are sad…but I can assure you, you will find a story in every bottle if you want to and know where to look.

Why, because you don’t have to keep buying that same crap that you are comfortable with, expand your palette and your mind. If you love Pinot Grigio (this will be an upcoming post) then give a Napa Sauvignon Blanc a chance and who knows – it may start you on your path to discover what this grape may taste like all over the world in different soils and conditions!

I hope that this blog, my friends, will also centralize all f the questions and answers that I get from you when your in the store about to buy, in the kitchen and wondering what will pair well with that meal, or just the random things that you want to talk or ask about.

Thank you for your trust and your friendship. Many thanks to those of you that have been so supportive over the years. Explore!


Steve from the Trellis


Tales From the Trellis ©  2010


29 responses

5 02 2010

Looking forward to hearing more!!!

6 02 2010

Thanks Carol. I have just finished up my piece on storing wine and as soon as I figure out this poll widget, I will be moving it into the rotation!

6 02 2010

Great work. I’m excited to continue reading and learning.

6 02 2010

Thanks Ty! Glad to see you following and participating! Looking forward to it!

6 02 2010

so glad to see this up and running… this is EXACTLY what I need! Advice on picking an affordable GOOD bottle. I’ve been disappointed in the past with the wine store clerk’s recommendations… always seem to spend too much for something that is “ehh, not worth the cost.” looking forward to some recommendations on the “reds” any thoughts on a pinot noir? did i even spell that right??
Best of luck to you with this site, looking forward to some insightful reading 🙂

6 02 2010

Thanks for your words Marla and I hope to help and hope to hear peoples suggestions as well. I have MANY thoughts on affordable Pinot Noir. For value, Castle Rock does a great job under $14 USD. Go up and spend a bit more and the Cambria Julia’s Vineyard (was wine of the year for Wine Spectator 2009) is an insane value at under $20. I am urging you all to try it. It is my current house Pinot Noir – but the 2007 vintage is the new one, and a bit different, but still quite awesome for the money! Tart cherries and vanilla and cola. Soft, smooth and I love it with steamed pork dumplings. Don’t walk, run people and get some! Here is the Cambria link so you can see the site. http://www.cambriawine.com/#/wines/pinot-noir/julias-vineyard/

6 02 2010
Jeff Goldenberg

Hey Steve:

First, congratulations for doing this. I understand your trepidations but wine is obviously something that you are passionate about so what can be bad about that?

I too love wine, but I am nowhere near to being an expert or even perhaps an afficionado (whatever that might be). But I do love good food and therefore good wine to pair it with. I love finding a wine in the $10-$15 per bottle range that goes well with whatever the menu, even with wine, cheese, olives and charcuterie (which is perhaps my favorite meal). While I can appreciate someone spending hundreds of dollars per bottle it is not something that I feel I need to do. For me, wine is not something for a special occasion. It is part and parcel of my everyday routine. That is not to say that an extremely good bottle of wine shouldn’t be cracked open to celebrate something, but it doesn’t make the celebration; it’s just a part of it.

Anyway, I have rambled enough. Colleen and I routinely enjoy Barbera (Baby Barb from Asti) and Diamante, a white Rioja wine which is my favorite. Both can be had at Astor Wines and are extremely reasonable.


7 02 2010

Thanks Jeff for sharing that. I think we are all looking for that bottle that can work with our daily meals, that can enhance the whole experience – even if it is something simple. True that wine elevates every situation too, wine brings people together and with the right food, the right people, the right conversations…can make memories. I also love Barbera and will have some posts about that. Do let us know what your fav is and what you taste in it! As far as wine not only being for celebrations..agreed and to that point, I drink sparkling wine as much as possible. I always keep around – not for celebrations or special events because…every day is a special event! Cheers to you and looking forward to your views and opinions, and your literary stylings. Please tip your waitress, I am here all week. ; ) Cheers!

7 02 2010

steve this is awesomeeee
i can’t wait to read more articles.

im glad you finally stepped into the blog-o-sphere

8 02 2010

Congrats Steve, good luck. Lemme know if you need images…

8 02 2010

Thanks Mike! I sure will!

8 02 2010

Awesome site to have, i look forward to reading more. Us drinkers on a budget need a site like this, great work.

8 02 2010

Steve, Congrats your Dad would be so proud. Lori

8 02 2010

Lori, Thanks so much. He is really a huge part of this and me, and I wish he was here to talk about it! I keep a picture of him in the cellar, next to my wine, so he is watching over me and the bottles too!

8 02 2010

Finally a concise review of wine and food I can trust. Thumbs up Steve!

9 02 2010

Great work!!! Looking forward to learn more from here .. =)


9 02 2010

Thanks so much MyRollie™. So gald you come aboard and hope you will stay around and participate and comment! Welcome!

11 02 2010
Amy Weick


This website rocks!! So excited to learn more about delicious wines and foods. Life doesn’t get any better than this!!


11 02 2010

Amy, thanks so much for your kind words. I am excited about this and glad you will come back to participate in this! On another note, congratulations (in advance) on your upcoming wedding and I wish you only happiness, joy and love. Have a great time! See you when you get back for dumplings and to celebrate!

16 02 2010

Trying to get more people to sign up to the actual blog so that I have emails going direct to them when something new goes up. I think between twitter, FB and the actual blog, people get confused which to go to or sign up to.

16 02 2010

This looks fabulous. Congratulations. I can’t wait to read and learn more!

16 02 2010

Plizantium, thanks so much for the kinds words! I will be writing a new post soon about bringing wine to a party, home, event – etc!
Look for it soon! Sign up to receive updates about posts! Cheers, Plizzy!

6 03 2010

Steve – love your blog! Your modesty precedes you, as your knowledge is terrific and better and more interesting than many of those found in food and wine magazines. I’m looking forward to reading more.

My question is – one of my favorite “regular” wines is Ironstone’s Merlot and Cabernet. Its hard to find here in Toronto. Any other recommendations for just a great red table wine, between the $15 and $20 price range?

7 03 2010

Rayissa, if you can recall what year the cab and merlot were, I can try to find it in TO for you and…can make alternative reccos for you! Also let me know what store you shop at so I can look it up and see what I can chose for you. I do have a few stores that work friends have told me they frequent, so perhaps that may be good as well. Thanks for following and participating!

29 03 2010

Wow this is great why am I just finding out about this!

8 04 2010
Leilani Coon

Steve, wow I am totally impressed! Who would have thought! Our experience in the Bahamas back in what 2000 the gang hitting the sushi restaurant and drinking every bottle of champagne we could get our hands on at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort. Now that was some night! What a blast that trip was. Don’t think I knew then your passion for wines.
Your blog Rocks! I am looking forward to visiting and learning from you. Thanks for sharing!

8 04 2010

Leilani, I am so happy to hear from you! Yes, we had a few “party like a rockstar” type nights at Sandals and I will never forget it! I think it was maybe 1998 or 1999, not sure. I was deep into wine back then and that was why I went with the best bottles they had available (and also why we drained them dry that night)! Sushi and bubbly, awesome then and still amazing now. My passion for wine has sometimes bordered on geeky, but I want to keep it casual here and try to help our my friends and theirs with any questions for the regular everyday to moderately knowledgeable wine drinker. Times are tough, so I want to share what I know so people can walk into a shop and not feel overwhelmed. Hope you will continue to read and learn with us! Best to your hubby, the Pezzy Marlborough Man! Can’t wait to one day share more bubbles with you guys. Steve.

26 02 2011

Steve, I’m a huge wine lover myself, especially pairing reasonably priced wines with really good foods. Great info and looking forward to learning from/with you.

1 03 2011

Charlie, Thanks so much for jumping on board! Welcome to the Trellis and look forward to hearing from you as well! I try to talk and discuss with the group everything about wine, especially great pairings! Thanks for not only coming aboard the site but also subscribing! Also look for the talesfromthetrellis fan page on facebook! Best, Steve From the Trellis

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