My top and best value wines for Thanksgiving 2014

27 11 2014

Many people come up to me and ask about pairing wines on Thanksgiving – and I like to keep it simple. As always, drink what you love, but if you really want to know what goes best – try out a few things to see. I happen to believe sparkling wine (my favorite) goes best with anything ;). But, many love Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel (red).

It really depends on what your sides and main course is – as there are some dishes that will make your wine taste sour or acidic – like asparagus. Some sides are sugary sweet like a sugary topped sweet potato or candied carrots, which will also affect your taste buds when paired with the wrong wine.

Try and see what happens with the below. My best bets for a great value 2014 are:

A) Chardonnay: A perennial favorite with turkey.

  1. Novellum (France). This is a very good quality French wine with deep flavor and less butter (oaky wood). It is light in style and very crisp (acidity). This will pair nicely with many of the dishes. $11-15 USA
  2. Kendal Jackson Reserve (California). This has all the butter you want, and more. It is very rich and coats your tongue. May be too much oak/wood for some of your sides, but will be great with the turkey and potatoes. $12-15 USA.

B) Pinot Noir. My choice for great Thanksgiving pairings. Try to stay with a light style per the below.

  1. Vina Leyda Las Brisas Single Vineyard (Chile) is my current favorite value priced Pinot Noir. Dark cherries, some mineral and herb and a long finish. Really excellent value and highly recommended. About $16 USA. I must get a case of this asap! A lot of complexity for the money.
  2. A to Z (Oregon) makes a consistently good value pinot noir. Light and earthy in style and has hints of raspberry and dark cherries, clove and lavender with some smooth oak/vanilla. About $20 USA. Also make a quality Chardonnay if you can’t find the above. Elegant.

C) Zinfandel

  1. Bogle, the Phantom. This comes in and sells out very quickly. Deep red with a great blend of 4 varietals (Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre) make this delicious. Also, aged in oak and will give you a smooth, mouth coating of deep berry with milk chocolate and vanilla and a hint of herb. About $17 to 22 USA.

And yes (as always) for value priced sparkling wine, I recommend the Raventos i Blanc – De Nit in rose or the Brut Cava (Spain). $14 to 24 USA. This is what I will be drinking on Thanksgiving. Both smooth and creamy, and stand up/pair well with so many things. If you can’t find this, I recommend the Charles de Fere or the Veuve de Vernay (France).

Cheers and enjoy – try new things and see what you like.

As always, be safe and be happy!

Steve from the Trellis



One response

27 11 2014

We just drank a bottle of Phantom the other night. Used to be a fav them we went away from it for a couple of years…was even better than remembered !!! Happy thanksgiving. Cheers!

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