Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukah!

28 11 2013
Thanksgiving 2013 Bubbbles

Thanksgiving 2013 Bubbbles

The Thanksgiving holiday is a double treat for many this year – with Hanukah coming out on the very same day (ok night before) and won’t happen again until 2070.

This is my favorite holiday of the year and a really good time to enjoy 3 of my favorite pairings – Turkey and Chardonnay, Pinot Noir (and) or Sparkling wine.

My favorite value priced Pinot Noir this year are the 2011 Meiomi Pinot Noir from Belle Glos ($20-24 USD). http://www.meiomiwines.com
For the price, you are getting complexity and really long, silky finish. Not heavy but more of a medium weight wine. Nice berry (raspberry), vanilla and cola flavors. Another winner!

For value priced Chardonnay, I go with Novellum (France) – really amazing food friendly wine with crisp flavor or peach and mineral, full flavor but not heavy – and at around $12 a bottle, buy a case and enjoy! If you can’t find it or want to spend a bit more, the Cambria Chardonnay is around $20 USD and has great flavor of mango, is crisp and nice with turkey!

Of course sparkling can go with (and cut) the rich and sweet/fatty sides –
always nice to have my perennial favorite value priced sparker, Charles De Fere Cuvee Jean Louis Blanc De Blancs Brut (France) for about $11 USD. Flavors of tart apple, honey and, spice.

Go a step above and try the Louis Roederer Estate Brut (California) for around $20- crisp and dry with really deep flavor of toasty almond, apple, vanilla and spice. Can’t miss bringing and pouring bubbles at Thanksgiving!

Have a happy and healthy holiday(s),
Love and Health – Steve from the trellis



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