3 bottle Rosé Tasting & Reviews – with friends at a 4th of July Backyard Blast! Inexpensive Rose Wine Recommendations.

4 07 2012

For the past few years, we share the 4th of July celebration at our good friends (and excellent hosts) Dan and Tara. Great food, great friends and a large sampling of wine and beer mixed with the perfect weather and made for a memorable, fun day (and night)! Thank you again for everything!

This year, I brought a mix of  red, white, and … no, not blue – but Rosé. Summertime is really perfect for Rosé – since it typically light, pretty and no, not sweet – that would be a White Zinfandel (the Beringer’s Sparkling both Dawn and Neil enjoyed) but dry with nice acid to keep it lively.  Several friends wanted in so I poured a sample from 3 areas: France (where Rosé and summer in the south are a must), Washington State and Oregon.

As this was a casual outdoor affair, I only asked those that partook in the tasting to let me know which they preferred and why. I took a few notes so I can explain my rationale for my order (worst to first).

1) I decided to pour our French Rosé first, 2010 Chateau Laulerie, from Bergerac located in Southwestern France, just to the east of Bordeaux. It was the lightest in color (a pale salmon). It was a bit tight on the nose, giving a slight strawberry scent. It was easy drinking and simple, and nice acidity on the fast finish. There was a bitter aftertaste that both Rosario and I noticed, which I felt hurt my overall score and it’s ranking. Eileen really liked this one, and was her top choice, and Beth also enjoyed it. It runs around $10 locally.

2) Charles and Charles: Washington State – USA. 2009. This Rosé is something I picked up a few months ago and have sipped since.  It was a medium pink and had a really nice strawberry/watermelon nose. Sipping it, I tasted strawberry, raspberry and melon – again with nice acidity to keep it interesting. Again, this one was simple but delicious and a longer finish than the first Rosé. Ryan chose this as his #1. A few of us picked it as our 2nd choice, and it was a close running 2nd. This runs around $10 and can be found at A&P Liquors or Best Cellars. Not easy to find, but worth it.

3) A to Z Wineworks: Oregon – USA. 2010: Darker pink, almost sangria color – the deepest color of the three sampled. On the nose, dark fruit (blueberry or blackberry) as well as strawberry and raspberry. A lot going on before the first sip. Complex dark stone fruit and strawberry/raspberry flavors. Longer through the middle and a smooth sail to the finish. Really nice and rounded – still nice acidity at the end that makes you come back for more. Complex Rosé, very different that the other 2. I loved it. Rosario, Tara and I picked it as our top choice. It comes in at around $14, so it is most expensive of the 3.

So, after discussions about the tasting, I think the A to Z was the top choice, though at $14, the priciest and perhaps not the everyday sipper for the summer – but nice for weekends! I think the Charles and Charles is a great value and will be my house Rosé this year. Find it and try it – let me know what all of you think! I have 3 other Rosés that I will be tasting and writing about soon so check back!

Happy 4th! Santé!

Steve from the Trellis



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