Tasting blind is possible, but tasting stuffed?

23 03 2010
The Nose Knows © Tales From the Trellis, 2010

The Nose Knows © Tales From the Trellis, 2010

Forgive me but I’ve been unable to have that pinot tasting I had been hinting at and building suspense around. I was to conduct a blind tasting of 4 Pinot Noir bottles on Saturday, but unfortunately allergy season hit that evening. So, it would be unfair to try to taste, since most of the tasting requires your nose to be in working order. Ever pinch you nose and try to taste anything…well, you really can’t. This is the current state of affairs.

I am depressed, as this is now into the third day, and looks like the Claritin®  has not yet begun to work its magic.

This situation does, however, bring up some interesting fodder for conversation. If critics run into a situation where they have come down with a cold, have horrible allergies (like me), or even an injury to their mouth or tongue…what do they do if a piece they are writing about is due?

I would tend to think they have to take a pass, or swap it for another piece non-tasting required. I do not think any wine critic could even attempt to grade or write about a wine in such a state. Sure, they can discuss color all day long, but what do they really do when this happens.

In any case, I am hoping to get this tasting done and come back to you all with my notes! In the meantime, hope you are all enjoying something nice and have not fallen ill with the coming of the new season – and these same symptoms.

I will be back soon, and hopefully with info, so stay tuned! Cheers.

Steve from the Trellis


© Tales From the Trellis and Talesfromthetrellis.com, 2010




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