Steal My Sip 1: Bogle The Phantom Wine review

7 02 2010
Snow day means Red Day!

Warming up to a red © Tales from the Trellis, 2010

Ok, earlier via twitter (@talestrellis) I mentioned the snow that came through here last night and into the am and that Saturday afternoon, with the fireplace on and the snow blanketing the area…it was a perfect time for something red, smooth and silky. My go to wine lately has been the 2006 Bogle The phantom. Bogle is a California-based producer that makes a lot of value driven wines in all varietals. You may have seen it on a wine list, in a bar list or even purchased it in a wine shop. They make a little bit of everything, but I tend to enjoy their Zinfandel and blends the most. By the way, those of you that enjoy Primativo from Italy, Zinfandel is the US-based version of that varietal here.

The Phantom is my favorite of the lot. A nice label, an interesting name, but more importantly, a great value for what it delivers. In NYC I have seen it around $19.99. Sure, probably not a daily wine for many, but worth a try for sure. See the wine makers notes below for a description. I love the dark fruits, the vanilla (oak) and the smooth (not tannic or astringent at all people) easy drinking style of this wine. I can’t seem to keep it around in my house! I see that Astor Wines and Spirits has the 2006 for $19.99, but I managed to find it in New Jersey at Bottle King for $15.99 and bought a few to keep around (not likely). Try this and let me know what you think. It is a blend of Petite Sirah, Old Vine Zinfandel and Mourvédre (used a lot of late in GSM Rhone (French) style blends which are awesome – and more to come on that). G is for Grenache, S is for Syrah and M is for the Mourvèdre. I will tell you that Mitolomakes an excellent rhone based blend that will be in another post soon! Try this and let me know what you think. In fact, if you have had Bogle wines lately, post what you tasted and how you liked it! BTW, I had this with some pieces of high end Belgium dark chocolate, and it was amazing.

bogle \bõ’g?l\ n. [Scots, perhaps from Welsh] A goblin; a specter; a phantom; a bogy, boggart or bugbear.


It has reappeared…

Three distinctive varietals combine lush berry and fierce spice into a wine characterized by its incandescence. Deeply luscious and succulent blackberries ignite this vintage of our rich ruby apparition. Aromas of anise and sweet fig are embraced by touches of black pepper. From the shadowed dark depths, subtle notes of cloves and vanilla emerge and compliment the concentrated fruit characters of this wine. Captured in 1, 2 and 3-year-old American oak barrels, this wine showcases the best these distinct varietals have to offer.

Though this wine is remarkable now, age in the bottle will only integrate the three unique varietals more. Welcome the winery ghost into your home again with this latest vintage, and enjoy with full-flavored and hearty meals…before it vanishes again.

Petite Sirah 49% – Zinfandel 49% – Mourvèdre 2%

Vintage: 2006

Appellation: California

Vineyard Sources: Clarksburg, Lodi

and Amador

Release Date: August 3, 2009

Wine pH: 3.55

Wine Acidity: 0.62g/100ml

Alcohol: 14.8%


Steve from the Trellis

© Tales From the Trellis 2010




8 responses

8 02 2010
John O'Hara


Congrats on the new blog! There are many, so-called “blog widows” out there, who wish the medium was never invented…’s that fine line between a healthy interest, and fierce addiction. In my case, it’s the latter but it makes me happy!

Steal My Sip is a great idea. I believe we had the Bogle last year in Sonoma visiting family, or was it back in Pennsylvania, can’t recall. I concur, and highly recommend it, though, like you say, it’s a bit expensive for everyday jug wine.

Good luck with your new blog!

8 02 2010

John, Thanks for your kind words. I am sure that my wife will not mind, as long as I am doing the writing at 2AM (usually am) and she is asleep!

The Phantom is a bit on the pricey side for everyday, but wonderful as a gift to someones house for dinner or a splurge here and there! I did find it for about $15 and think it is an amazing value based on that price. As this blog is about value, I will be talking about wines from every price point, as something for 30 can still be a value if it drinks like one for $100!

Looking forward to hearing from you on here, as I have heard about you over the years and know you enjoy this like I do!


8 02 2010

congrats on doing the blog… I think you can fill a void.. or is that a glass?…and thanks for the excellent and surprising wine recommendation… my husband said… he was right on… good luck with it all…

8 02 2010

Thanks Deb, I am glad he liked it! And thank you for your writing recommendations! Hope you both continue to come back and participate!
Cheers! Steve

15 02 2010

Phantom is a Phantom… Chris really wanted to try it.. but I have looked in a few places and to no avail I can not find it… the last place I went was Bottle King as you mentioned and they told me that it was gone because it was “seasonal” – came out in October and won’t be back until then.. what gives???

15 02 2010

I can help you find this. I feel like it is a must! Did you check Garys in Wayne? If not, I wlll let you know where ok!

Steve from the Trellis

15 02 2010

I have not checked Gary’s as of yet.. but if I go up that way I will.. otherwise.. let me know… thanks much.

16 02 2010

Deb, found it online at gary’s, but they are high @ 19.99, unless you go case and get 20% off.
I will look around on my next shopping trip!

Steve From the Trellis

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