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5 02 2010

A Pour on the Sill © Tales from the Trellis, 2010

Ok, here we go…this is my first post, (aside from my profile– which you should read if you don’t know me and want to know why I am doing this).

The most important thing I want to express to you is to open your mind. I am proud of the people who have finally made the move (some new, some old) and have gone from beer (I love Belgium style) or hard liquor – to wine. Many of you have – this was the reason for the huge surge here in the US to surpass France and all other countries per-capita for consumption. Congratulations to all of us as this has opened up many opportunities. Competition allows for better price points, more options, more writers and reviews, so we all win(e).

Hey, the same goes for food and pairings. Don’t be afraid of either. What do we have to lose, try and see.

Anyway, I am not going to ramble here (yet)…all I want to say is…open your mind, expand your palette, try new wines, try everything! Break out of that box (or jug, or can). Whats the worst that can happen, you spit it out or – hell, you like it and can note and remember something to order it somewhere and feel good about it!

I will be showcasing wines that I am loving at this moment, in the Steal my Sip section. Most of these are between 8 and 20 dollars and excellent quality price ratios (QPR). They won’t change your life (I’ll list those when they come up) but they will give the best value per dollar that I have tasted and want you to try! I want to show you how to drink the best, for less.

Let’s demystify it so that when you walk into a store or read a list at dinner, it will be exciting and not a moment of panic or stress.

Right now we are all suffering from the economic downturn. We all can agree we don’t want to waste money on bad wine. Let’s chat about what we have just had, what it cost and your opinions and review of it.

There will be a few categories, as I have many things I want to share with you all. Categories will cover basics, vintages, organic and biodynamic wine, sweet wines, transitioning from other beverages, corks (or other closures), QPR, storing your wine, building a cellar for collectors, recent recommendations, gadgets, wine and health, and breaking news.

Some of you will not agree with what I am saying, what I recommend, or some of the picks that I am sharing. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Wine won’t taste the same to all of us. A large part of what I am trying to do is recommend values – things that are well made and seem like they should cost more. Everyone is different, but putting “opinion” aside –there is always a baseline for quality in all products.

Thanks for coming and signing up to get notified of any new posts.

Enjoy, life is too short for bad wine (especially if we paid too much for it!).


Steve from the Trellis

© Tales From the Trellis 2010




8 responses

6 02 2010

Let’s see an Oregon wine post! Looking forward to many posts! Salud!

6 02 2010

Thanks Meeglie, you know how much I love the Oregon Pinot and count on a huge post professing my love! Stay tuned and I hope to hear from you as you are right there and sooooo lucky! Give my love to Bergstom!

6 02 2010
Mike Williams

Thanks for the intro! I’m very much looking forward to reading more, along with – ehhm, stealing your sip! 🙂 I’m always on the look out for good wines, and more importantly, hearing from an expert like yourself what it is that makes them “good” or what qualities to look for/taste for in each.
Congratulations on getting the blog up and really can’t wait to read more!

6 02 2010
Randi Klein

Will you be including champagnes in your reviews?

6 02 2010

Ri, of course! My favorite of all! Why, you going to drink some! : 0

7 02 2010
Randi Klein

maybe I will better know what to buy when going to someone’s house for let’s say, Chanukah, or birthdays, etc. I look forward to reading up when I need a bottle of something for that special someone 🙂

16 02 2010
Lilian flesher

Well done great job, Larry made me come look lol, looks amazing

16 02 2010

Thanks so much Lilian! Hope you sign up to receive updates to your email and can participate with the discussions.

Steve From the Trellis

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